Dear Values Customers,

Why do you need to store your hard copy? With new Digital era coming to our world, scan and organize your ancient data and store on server which helping your company to access anywhere, anytime. This will save your time and energy to look for new opportunity.

Our Data entry service is not just only making your data to live forever but also support to organize and store on your server or our server if required. We are committing to ensure your data is safe with us and accessible anytime.

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JEN Services

Online Data Entry

No time to gather online information? We can help to save your time and labor to capture demand topic.

Offline Data Entry

We can help to reduce your time and labor per your instruction.

Data Capture

We can help to transform your physical data into electronic format and capturing by all means.

Copy Paste

Our copy paste services serves as a quick and error-free copy paste data entry solution.

Book Data Entry

Wanna keep your physical book alive?

Let's us help you to make it happen.

Image Data Entry

With high-speed scanning of images, and capturing data from scanned images ... Images can be in any format (including JPEG, GIF, PDF and TIFF).

Document Data Entry

We can help to organize your documents into an accurate, standardized, uniform, and usable format. This is absolutely time and labor cost saving.

PDF Data Entry

Our PDF data entry experts utilize the most recent technology and strategies to give you the best outcomes speedy turnaround time.

E-Storage Data

Worrying about to maintain your own server? We can help to save your time and labor by using our e-storage data services. Let's your data safe with us.