Market Research

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We’re group of freelance marketers who specialize in doing market research survey based on demand. Quick turn around time with most accurate information compare to big enterprise services provider based on our Commitment and Effortless to support your Marketing Campaign.

Budgetary market research survey is always benefit if you are a start up business or looking for new opportunity to launch new product into emerging market.

Beside conduct efficiency market research survey services, we also provide Logo Design with Slogan to support your company or product’s brand to reach more Consumers.

Feel free to contact our hotline to receive a free consultancy service and we’re look forward to get in touch with you

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JEN Services

Brand Awareness

Are you happy with your brand awareness? We can help to improve your Brand Awareness.

Competitive Analysis

Do you understand your Competitor? We can help to provide a neutral view with side feedback from Customer point of view.

Customer Satisfaction

Did your Customer happy with your products/services? What are the 3Rs of your Customer Loyalty?

Customer Segmentation

This is one of the key critical factors that required in your Strategic Marketing Plan. We're able to provide the most crucial information in the short time.

Product Concept Testing

You better acquired Customer idea and feedbacks of your products or services concept before launching out. This will help to gauge Customer's expectation and the forecast performance of your products or services.

Pricing Research

Pricing strategy is one of the most critical factor to measure the success of your products or services. We can help to gauge the market trends based on Customer’s feedback and expectation.